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Anchor Rollers

Our Anchor Rollers are usually replacements for existing rollers which have worn out or broken. I also design and turn out anchor rollers for newly built boats or redesigned anchor systems on existing boats.

We use acetal for anchor rollers as well as the sheaves we make, as, again, it is the best material I have found for the application. It is tough and resilient. Anchor chains make quite a racket going over metal rollers. Acetal makes for the quietest operation possible, and, of course, it being black, looks good on any bow.

Each roller has heavy walled self lubricating bronze bushings through the entire width of the roller, providing continuous support through to the shaft.

We also supply custom made shafts with ends machined to suit. Either bored through for cotter pins, or threads turned for retaining nuts.

Split Rollers

Split rollers are only required when a bowsprit is a welded unit without provision for changing out the anchor roller. The old roller must be cut off, and then a split roller can be assembled onto the crossbar.

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