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Rebuild and Repair

Zephyrwerks offers rebuilding and repair of your existing blocks, jib and genoa cars, and sheave boxes.

Whether you have an old classic wooden yacht, or a modern cruiser or racer, we will help you determine the appropriate materials and methods to put your worn and disabled gear back into action.

Replacement Isomat sheaves and axle pins.  Usually when Isomat sheaves are due for replacement, I provide a set of axles made from 316 stainless steel.  The original equipment tube axles are often out of round and worn.  Shown here are 6 masthead sheaves with their two 21mm axles, a stays'l sheave and 16mm axle, and the 8 boom end sheaves with their 10mm axles.  Some stays'l sheaves have 10mm axles.  The masthead axles are a unique diameter, so I must turn each one from larger stock, and bore the sheave bushings to match. The original sheaves have no bushings. Isomat Complete Set
Rebuilt Spinnaker Footblock: The axle pin in this large footblock was galled, and the sheaves worn to knife edge line cutters. I was able to press out the old pin, make a new one from 316 stainless steel stock, turn new sheaves and reassemble the unit for a fraction of the cost of a new unit.
Rebuilt Trolling Blocks: Commercial fisherman using trolling gear use these blocks to run out their gear on 1/8" stainless wire. The original sheaves and bearings are cheap and short lived. I have replaced them with solid acetal sheaves and bronze bushings running on 316 SS tube axles which fit nicely into the original frames, creating units which work better and last much longer.

A raft of rebuilt trolling blocks.

Rebuilt Roller Cars: These jib cars have nice tube axles. After making up new sheaves and turning a pair of 316 hollow axles with tapering walls at each end, I assembled the units, then flared the ends of the axles to keep them in place, just as the originals were done.

Tall ship Eagle mast base turning sheaves: The Bosun on the Square Rigger Eagle requested a new set of sheaves to replace the old steel sheaves. The 1" diameter axles were worn and corroded as well. Note the lubrication holes with grease nipples installed on the ends of the shafts.

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Tall Ship Sheaves

Catana turning sheave box: Many Catana owners find their turning blocks worn and jamming. A new set of sheaves and axles installed in these giant turning boxes will reduce running rigging loads dramatically.
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Ed Louchard
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